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Middle School


List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • What kind of extra help exists at Aquinas Middle?

    • Our teachers are available before and after school, based on their availability, to meet with students and give personalized instruction and attention.
    • There is a Math Lab and Literacy Lab that is open during the FLEX period four days a week for 7th and 8th graders.  Students are assigned to this class based upon teacher recommendation.
    • Students who need additional instructional assistance have an opportunity to take our Enrichment classes in both 7th and 8th grade.
    • Students enrolled in 7th and 8th grade can use the FLEX period to see teachers for extra help.
    • The school library is also open before and after school every day for quiet study and the student union is open every day after school for group study.

  • Are there honors courses at Aquinas Middle?

    Aquinas Middle School has an accelerated program in mathematics and science for 7th grade that leads to high school courses in Algebra and Biology for 8th grade.

  • Do Aquinas Middle students have an opportunity to take any courses for high school credit?

    • All Aquinas Middle School students have an opportunity to get at least one high school credit in foreign language.
    • An Aquinas Middle student may earn up to three high school credits (algebra, biology, and foreign language).

  • Do students study the arts?

    All Aquinas Middle students study fine art. Our 6th graders take a survey course in fine arts where they are introduced to drama, general music, studio art, and dance. Aquinas 7th graders have the opportunity to take either a half year of general music or theatre, while Aquinas 8th graders have the opportunity to take either a half year of studio art or dance.

  • How are students placed in course levels?

    • Incoming 6th grade students are placed in a defined course of studies with all students enrolled in the same level of classes.  Instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of all learners.
    • Sixth graders enrolled at Aquinas Middle School are placed into 7th grade courses based on 6th grade teacher recommendation.
    • Incoming 7th graders are placed using the results of the Aquinas Placement Test, recommendations from 6th grade teachers, their 5th and 6th grade report cards, and achievement on New York State Math and ELA tests.
    • Transfer 8th graders are placed based on the 7th grade report card, teacher recommendation, and New York State scores.
    • Seventh graders enrolled at Aquinas Middle School are placed into 8th grade courses based on 7th grade teacher recommendation.

  • What is FLEX?

    FLEX is a period at the end of each school day that is used for many different educational and learning activities. Seventh and eighth grade students may see teachers for help, use the library or computer lab, have a quiet study hall, or take chorus, band, or dance company. The 6th grade students do not have a FLEX built into their schedule due to instructional requirements.  Assemblies and career development programs also occur during FLEX that all middle school students attend.

  • How many periods are in a day?

    For 7th and 8th graders, the school day is seven academic periods, with a lunch and a FLEX period. All 6th graders have eight academic periods with a lunch period.  All periods are 40 minutes in length.  
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